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Indigenous Healing Techniques with Dr. LEWIS MEHL- MADRONA MD PhD and Barbara Mainguy, MA

Friday November 27th to Sunday November 29th 2015

The Treatment Room, 49D Market Place, Inverurie

A special opportunity to Experience and Heal with Native American Practices such as Cherokee Bodywork, Narrative Medicine and Ceremony with Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD, PhD and Barbara Mainguy MA.

Almost all indigenous cultures use hands on healing, energy work and story for healing. Here is an opportunity to learn these time honoured practices direct from elders and ceremonial leaders.

The workshop includes:
Supervised practice of Cherokee bodywork Cherokee breath work techniques, as a means of restoring spirit to all parts of the body The incorporation of imagery and dialogue into bodywork The importance of ceremony, ritual, and intent in bodywork Cherokee techniques include use of acupressure, energy meridians, crystals, and energy medicine

As we complete our time together with a prayer ritual, we ask for a blessing on the healing work we have done and the continuing journey that lies before us.

The program:
Friday November 27th ~ 7:00pm – 9:00 pm Healing Circle / Intro to Indigenous Healing
Saturday November 28th ~ 10am – 6:00 pm Bodywork and Narrative Medicine – Day 1 (lunch break from 1-2:30)
Sunday November 29th ~ 10 am – 6pm – Bodywork and Narrative Medicine - Day 2

Those with a depth of experience in Bodywork and Healing Arts and those seeking healing will benefit from this weekend. Lewis invites massage therapists and body workers as well as those without prior bodywork experience to this program, saying, “Some will want to practice giving more and some receiving more. It’s definitely a more indigenous way of teaching, but it works.”

This program can accommodate people with serious illness.


Getting the Magic back into Medicine

Dr Lewis Mehl Madrona and Barbara Mainguy

Authors of Remapping Your Mind

– the neuroscience of self-transformation through story

Quaker Meeting House, Penrith

December 1st 730-930

Dr Mehl Madrona is a GP and Psychiatrist in Maine USA. He is a talented healer and storyteller, who has written extensively about his innovative work combing ideas from all disciplines and including his own Native American tradition. His most recent book Remapping Your Mind enables neuro-scientific medicine to meet the healing effects of community, imagination and hope. His wife Barbara Mainguy is a drama therapist and both would call themselves narrative therapists.

They are fired up by their work – not burnt out and inspire others to be the same. Exactly what is needed in the tired NHS!

His talk will point to the different ways we can see and respond to the difficulties our patients present, however complex. Small changes can make a big difference.

Please register your interest by emailing or phone 07788 661772

The Quaker Meeting House in Penrith has good facilities for parking. CA11 7TR

Tea and coffee will be served on arrival

Suggested donation £10


Where Ovid meets Coyote

Creative Writing workshop. Penrith

December 5th 2015 10-5

The Old Fire Station - Eden Arts

Kim Moore

Lewis Mehl Madrona

Barbara Mainguy

This exciting workshop brings together the mythology of the west through Ovid with the Native American mythology through the character Coyote. All three presenters have had books published this year. Kim Moore – the Art of Falling and Lewis and Barbara – Remapping your mind – the neuroscience of self- transformation using the power of story. Kim is a well known Cumbrian poet. Lewis and Barbara have been coming to Cumbria for nearly 10 years to help change the prevailing illness story using imagination, writing and theatre.

The workshop will be in 3 parts: Meeting Ovid, Meeting Coyote and then having some fun with joining the two. Who knows what mythological creatures we will create and encounter!

As there will be only 18 places, please email to make sure you register your interest early.

Cost £30. Payment by Cheque to secure a place or

BACS 40-36-10 11539663 Narrative Care

Narrative Care, Cumbria

Venetia Young

73 Wordsworth St


CA11 7QY

07788 661772


About the Workshops

The UK branch of the Coyote Institute would like to invite you to a two day workshop wit

                 Dr Lewis Mehl Madrona and his wife Barbara Mainguy

                             as a part of their winter UK tour.               

Narrative medicine and Cherokee Bodywork

The Narrative of healing and well-being.  Thinking about Integrative medicine, how the mind and culture influences the body and illness and the path to recovery. Lewis and Barbara will talk about their new book just published

Remapping your mind – the neuroscience of self-transformation through story

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, psychologist, healer, or simply an individual who is curious about how to experience greater wellbeing, this course will open your eyes, mind and heart. All are welcome.

In previous years we have experienced guided visualisations, story writing, seeing the world using animal metaphor, created a drama out of the Native American creation myth, experienced drumming, learnt about talking circles which are the foundation of restorative justice. Some workshops have focussed on learning the practical and conversational skills of Cherokee body work.   Each workshop is based on the needs and wishes of the participants.

Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th December                       

Melmerby Village Hall, (nr Langwaithe), Cumbria

Cost £150

Deposit £30 to

Narrative Care, Cumbria

Venetia Young

73 Wordsworth St



CA11 7QY

Or BACS to sort code 40-36-10   account number 11539663 gives details about directions and also addresses of B&B and hotels in the area.