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Support our Efforts to Influence the World for the Better!

Consider donating to our general operating fund or to one of our special projects.

Checks can be sent to PO Box 39, Orono, ME 04473

This is our river.

Special Projects

1. Scholarship Fund for supporting people to attend trainings who could not otherwise come.

2. Collaborative Project with Wabanaki Health and Wellness.  We are raising funds to purchase tiny houses to form a compound for respite care, short-term rehabilitation, crisis management, all with culturally appropriate programming.  To contribute to this project specifically, go to our gofundme site at  Be sure to let us know about your donation, so we can thank you appropriately.  We're not sure how donations function under the new tax law, but we are a 501(c)3, so donations may be tax deductible to some extent.

3. Narrative Medicine Project: Studying how knowing the life story affects the doctor-patient relationship.

4. General Operating Fund for Training and Research.

5. Awesome Foundation Monthly Storytelling Event in Orono, Maine.


Send us an email if you want to specify for what your donation should be used or call Lewis at 808-772-1099 for further discussion.


You can also support Coyote by going to Amazon Smile and denoting Coyote as your favorite charity. Then, at no cost to you, Amazon will donate a percent of your purchases to Coyote.

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