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Our Purpose

Welcome to the Coyote Institute's Website.  We are a not-for-profit corporation under Section 501c3 of the U.S. Tax Code.

We aim to enrich contemporary medicine and psychology with the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous cultures. We aim toward Two-Eyed Seeing, celebrating indigenous knowledge and wisdom, while appreciating the insights of contemporary academic science, and determining how we can do both in a complementary fashion without diminishing either.

Coyote is our muse, because Coyote is a powerful North American symbol for change and transformation.  Coyote's job is to intervene when any system gets rigid and inflexible, providing the input to move the system toward transformation and change.  Coyote is the only species in North America currently spreading into every habitat.  Plus Coyote is just downright fun and we need more fun these days.  Change and transformation can be humorous and counter-serious while at the same time loving and compassionate.

We have a guiding Council of seven individuals.  We have Teaching Associates and Research Associates.  We do not provide clinical care.  Within our educational mission, we do offer individualized and group approaches to learning life and stress management, stress reduction, and self-healing.

Our current ongoing programs are:

1.  Workshops and trainings in Narrative Approaches to facilitate change and transformation with online courses, mentoring activities, and other opportunities to narrativize your practice.

2.  Workshops and trainings in how people and groups change and transform, in how we build community, and how we tell better stories to make our world more resilient, more kind, and more supportive.

3.  Workships and trainings in Coyote Healing (Indigenous inspired, story-focused, experiential, embodied, community-inclusive practice).

4.  Workshops and trainings in North American Indigenous Bodywork (the origins of American Osteopathy).

5.  Ongoing research on health and healing with indigenous populations.

6.  Consultations with indigenous communities on how to imbed culture into their health care services.

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Upcoming: Cpyote Medicine at 1440 Multiversity, near Santa Cruz, California

Coyotes live in the gaps of modern civilization. A wild species growing in population, they survive on wits and adaptability. Similarly, in the shadow of mainstream medicine, traditional cultural healers continue to thrive—helping with ancient expertise those Western medicine fails to comfort, treat, or cure.

Empower your holistic wellness with researcher and healer Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD, of Cherokee and Lakota heritage, and Barbara Mainguy, MFA, MA, psychotherapist and director at the Coyote Institute.

Over this experiential weekend:

  • Explore Coyote Healing—a story-focused, embodied, and community-inclusive practice
  • Develop individualized approaches to stress management and reduction
  • Discover the importance of ceremony and ritual practices in modern life, including sweat lodge, sacred pipe, and prayer.

In many global indigenous philosophies, illness arises from a lack of harmony and balance. The pathway to healing is one of integrating mind-body awareness, a special lesson of the trickster archetype. Coyote Medicine integrates traditional and modern healing philosophies with the power of Native North American approaches.

This workshop is for anyone wishing to deepen self-healing, build community, and activate their natural skill set for change and transformation. Together, you will conclude the weekend with a traditional pipe ceremony and burning of prayer ties in offering.

To learn more, go to

Up Next: Coyote Medicine at 1440 Multiversity, August 30 - Sept 2, 2019

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