Coyote Institute (for Studies in Change and Transformation)

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Our Purpose

Welcome to the Coyote Institute's Website.  We are a not-for-profit corporation under Section 501c3 of the U.S. Tax Code.

We aim to enrich contemporary medicine and psychology with the knowledge and wisdom of indigenous cultures.

Coyote is our muse, because Coyote is a powerful North American symbol for change and transformation.  Coyote's job is to intervene when any system gets rigid and inflexible, providing the input (perturbation) to move the system toward transformation (to shift a system into a new attractor basin).  Coyote is the only species in North America spreading into every habitat.  Plus Coyote is just downright fun.  Change and transformation can be humorous and counter-serious.

We have a guiding Council of seven individuals.  We have Teaching Associates and Research Associates.  We do not provide clinical care.  Within our educational program, we offer individualized approaches to learning life and stress management, stress reduction, self-healing.  Our healing camps provide opportunities for individuals to learn to be healing as well as experience healing.

Our current ongoing programs are:

1.  Training programs in Narrative Studies for Health Professionals with online courses, mentoring activities, and other opportunities to narrativize your practice.

2.  Ongoing workshops and trainings for anyone interested in self-healing, building community, and activating their natural skill-set towards change and transformation.

3.  Training in Coyote Healing (Indigenous inspired, story-focused, experiential, embodied, community-inclusive practice).

4.  Ongoing training in Cherokee Bodywork.

5.  Ongoing research on health and healing with marginalized populations.

6.  Consultations with indigenous communities on how to imbed culture into their health care services.

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Remapping Your Mind Presentation at Creativity and Madness

Click here to download Remapping Your Mind from the Creativity and Madness Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico, August 2016.

Up Next: Coyote Healing in New Britain, CT, August 6 & 7, 2016. See Upcoming Events Page for details


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We are leading up to Explore Narrative Medicine, at Kripalu Center in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

Explore Narrative Medicine, an approach to healthcare that recognizes the value of our own unique stories. Join discussions from experts in the field in the morning, and spend afternoons pairing basic breathwork and restorative yoga with targeted writing exercises. June 19 - 24.

To see some of our upcoming events:


Upcoming Events

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